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About Tak Takut Kids Club

Tak Takut Kids Club is a warm, and happy space for children and teenagers who come from challenging backgrounds. In this safe haven, they can come and play, make friends, get help with homework, and receive socio-emotional support that they might not be able to get in their own homes and in schools.

fumbles & jumbles is honored to be part of their annual fundraising campaign and we sincerely hope to raise $2000 for their "Community Cooking Saturday" programme.

100% of the proceeds from our Upcycled (Festive) series will go to TTKC and more plans are in the making to involve the children in this fundraising campaign. So, do keep a look out and support us! 

A collaboration between fumbles & jumbles and local crafters in support of

"This Is Us!"

Tak Takut Kids Club Fund Raiser 2021