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Uniquely Designed by AunTEE.

Exclusively Sold by FJ.

A Collaboration in Support of Local Craftsmanship


Features of our

Uniquely AunTEE's

2 in 1 Tumbler Holder

  • Straw pouch that can be looped to holder when carrying a drink.

  • Holder with a slot to keep your straw pouch when not in use. 

  • Additional pouch for straws so that they stay clean when not in use.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-17 at 1.59.53 PM.



*Holders are made to order. Please allow up to 1 week for AunTEE to sew your orders. 

*Holders are made from cut-offs & remaining fabric from AunTEE's sewing jobs, so do drop us a message if you would like to make an order of MORE THAN 1 for ANY designs.  

About Mdm Tee aka. AunTEE

Mdm Tee is a professional seamstress who has been making a living through her sewing for the past 40 years. 

While she specializes in the sewing of curtains and clothes alteration, her source of income was severely disrupted when the Circuit Breaker started and people stopped dropping by to have their clothes altered. 

During her idle time, she decided to make some reusable masks with her stash of fabrics at home for her family members, especially her grandchildren, since kids' mask's were hard to find at that time.  Her craftsmanship soon gained the attention of her friends and neighbours and by the end of Phase 1, she estimated to have given out 300 masks for free. 

Fumbles & Jumbles is lucky to have been approached by Mdm Tee's daughter to help promote her craft through our platform after one of our post on upcycling children's clothes into reusable masks. In line with our vision to reduce fashion waste, Mdm Tee sees the feasibility of helping parents upcycle their children's clothes into masks with a small charge of $8 each. Through this collaboration, we witness her dedication to perfection, her craftsmanship as well as a genuine desire to help the needy (excess fabric from the clothes were never wasted as Mdm Tee used them as the exterior layer to make kids masks for donation to lower income families). 

So... you must be wondering... how did this tumbler idea get conceived from all these mask making back story? 

To keep the story short:


We went to her place to collect some masks.

We saw lots of fabric cut-offs.

We love to drink bubble tea and have standard tumbler holders.

We asked if she would like to improve on the existing designs. 

She took up the challenge. 



Fumbles & Jumbles does not profit from this collaboration, we merely offer our social media accounts to promote her crafts. Mdm Tee helps us in return by making alterations to preloved clothes that require mending etc. time to time for free =)

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