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Conscious Meter Guide


Why Shop Environmental

The use of sustainable textiles such as GOTS Certified Cotton, rescued leather, recycled polyester, naturally dyed fabrics etc. reduces the strain on our environment with lesser pollutants and textile waste.


Why Shop Ethical

Ethically made products contribute to a better life for those living in poverty or exploited communities. Injustices such as child and low-paid labor, infringement of human rights and the inequalities in development caused by globalisation gets addressed.


Why Shop Local

Supporting local products is environmentally friendly because of their lower Carbon Footprint. With minimal transporting between the point of manufacture to the point of purchase, a Short Supply Chain helps in reducing CO2 Emissions.


Why Shop Charitable

What better way to bring a smile to yourself and bringing one to others as well?! Be it partnering environmental or social charities, it's about the sustained efforts that these fashion brands put in to make a difference.

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