"Old is the NEW new"

At fumbles & jumbles, we want to teach our children the important lesson on what it means to be happy having less. 
Adopting the infamous 5Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repurpose) in our daily lifestyle is not a simple feat.  When it comes to kids' clothes, it is often not as easy. Furthermore, kids outgrow clothes exponentially and we often find ourselves scrambling to find room to keep more clothes or finding someone to bless the clothes to.
Through fumbles & jumbles, we want to be the helping hand for parents who want to bless their clothes to others and at the same time, be the discerning eye for parents who want to get affordable wear for their children but are skeptical about the quality.
Clothes sold at fumbles & jumbles have gone through a round of assessment on quality and condition (wear and tear) before they are made available to consumers.
By creating this marketplace, we hope it will be a step towards advocating a zero waste culture in our children's world and that they will be maestros in creating a greener future.
Ely & Joo