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"We Became Parents & Understood"

When we both became parents, we found ourselves constantly wondering what to do with the clothes that our kiddo’s have outgrown & scrambling to find room to keep them. Knowing that this problem will not be exclusive to us, we decided to create a platform where parents can either bless their children’s clothes to others or engage in a fuss-free selling experience to retire well-cared for clothes that can no longer fit their children.

Every piece of clothing that is sold or donated to us goes through a round of assessment on quality and condition (wear and tear) before they are made available for re-selling or swapping. Clothes that do not meet the mark would then be either upcycled or passed on to a certified fabric recycler. 

Through fumbles & jumbles, parents also have the option to refresh their children's wardrobe through buying or swapping out preloved kids clothing with us. (And of course, without the need to feel guilty for over-spending!) 

At the end of the day, our hope is for our children to experience the joy of having while not at the expense of their own future / Mother Earth. 

Don't You Agree? 😉

Ely & Joo
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