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Denim Cropped Jacket

Denim Cropped Jacket


Brand: - 

Size: Untagged, Fits 10 to 12 years (Shoulders 32cm | PTP 40cm)


Alteration Details:

- Removal of bottom half

- Removal of lace around collar

- Hand embroidery done along the hem, together with a new set of soft lace


Alteration by: LabyCraft


  • Division of Proceeds

    50% of proceeds from this Upcycled! product goes to our TTKC Fundraiser. 

    35% of proceeds goes to our seamstress.

    15% of proceeds is used to cover postage and administrative costs.

    Should you like to make an additional cash donation for our fundraiser, do drop us a PM and we thank you for your generosity!

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