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An extra service that we are providing for mummies who loves to multi-task!

BYOB on your next visit to our store (to buy/ sell / swap) and top up household detergents that we use as mummies ourselves! Pocket friendly, suitable for children & good for the environment! 


These are NOT organic detergents, but being environmentally friendly does not always means to support only organic products. Minimizing the use of single-use packaging is also another way to go, especially for those who would like to do their part in making conscious decisions but often feel that organic brands are just not within their budget. 



Liquid manual dishwashing / multipurpose detergent designed to effectively remove oil and grease from kitchenware and hard surfaces. Highly concentrated Gaia Genie is not only environmentally improved, but also saves you money because its low-foaming formulation means you’ll have to do less rinsing off.



Multipurpose cleaning and sanitising spray with ready-to-use convenience, does not require dilution. Specialty ingredients help repel dirt and keep surfaces clean for a longer time.



A slightly alkaline, floral scented detergent that cleans and deodorises at the same time. It is safe on skin, but contains a powerful bactericide for sanitising. Formulated during the SARS outbreak, Class B is one of Syntech’s best-sellers.

$2.50 / 500ml

Bactericidal hand soap.


A little info about SynTech Chemicals and why we chose to bring their products into our refillery. 

SynTech Chemicals is the only homegrown hygiene company to be ranked as one of Singapore’s Top SMEs (DP Information Group) since 2006.

Their corporate clients includes: Singapore General Hospital, Mt. Elizabet Hospital, Ritz Carlton, known preschools etc.

Their Green Label products are carefully-formulated to be safe for the earth, and for the health of the people using them. They are high-performing, and exceeds Singapore’s standards* for environmentally-improved products.

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