Workshop: Upcycled Grocery Bag (1C1A)

Workshop: Upcycled Grocery Bag (1C1A)


Workshop Details:

Date: 17th April 2021

Time: 3 to 5pm

Maximum Class Size: 8 Children & 2 Adults^


In the 2 hour workshop, the children will learn to upcycle preloved eyelet singlets into grocery bags.

They will learn basic hand sewing techniques like the (1) running stitch, (2) backstitch & (3) satin stitch. Then, learn to create a drawstring function for the bags, as well as do some simple fabric painting or embroidery to decorate their bags.  Additional techniques will be taught to children who shows the capacity to handle more complex ones. 




What's More!

  • 10% of your ticket price will be donated to TheSustainabilityProject_SG (TSP), for their tree planting campaign as part our Earth Day Pledge.
  • Receive a $2 discount off any purchase of laundry related products from TSP. 


^ Only 2 adults will be allowed to participate in the workshop, on a first come first serve basis. Please do book your ticket quick to avoid disappointment. 

* Participants may bring one worn-out clothe each to be cut and used as part of their grocery bags.

** Email if you have questions or need assistance to participate.