"My tulle tore but I din't like the colour anyway. I am happier with this new look and it looks chirpier for sure. The new hem matches my flower so well its like experiencing a second bloom 🌹"
- Pinkie the Upcycled Denim Skirt



Patient File:

- Torn Tulle

- Uncoordinated Colours


Now discharged with a new face & waiting for adoption at just $15!

(50% proceeds goes to our TTKC fundraiser, remaining to AunTEE, our seamstress for her efforts. )

Brand: Disney

Size: M (Fits 5 to 6 Years)


Alteration Details:

- Removal of Torn Tulle (Unpicking by hand)

- New frills made by fabric scrap (Machines Sewn)


Alteration by: AunTEE

  • Division of Proceeds

    50% of proceeds from this Upcycled! product goes to our TTKC Fundraiser. 

    35% of proceeds goes to our seamstress.

    15% of proceeds is used to cover postage and administrative costs.

    Should you like to make an additional cash donation for our fundraiser, do drop us a PM and we thank you for your generosity!